Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Improving people's awareness

This is a possible script. For my part, it is important that the message is simple and relates to a fact that most people accept - that reducing car use is an acceptable way to reduce greenhouse gasses. The same needs to be said for vegetarian, so it is eqivalent:

[Vision: person walking around the home, installing an energy-efficient light bulb]
Voice: We all know that reducing energy consumption can reduce greenhouse gasses.

[Vision: an SUV in the driveway, which morphs into a smaller car (prefer a Prius)]
Voice: and, of course, we all know that reducing our fuel consumption is also good for reducing greenhouse gasses.

[Vision: blank white screen]
Voice: but did you also know, that livestock in Australia produces nearly as much as greenhouse gasses as all of our road transport?

[Vision: balloon representing transport emissions (text "71.056Mt CO2-e"), and inflating balloon for livestock (text "63.7Mt CO2-e") which is 90% the size of the transport balloon. Text below states source of information is from "National Inventory Report 2005 (Revised) – Volume 1The Australian Government Submission to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change February 2008"]

[Vision: view of steak, and pan back to show an animation of 16,000 1 litre bottles of water]
Voice:Also, livestock uses a lot of water. Each steak needed 16,000 litres of water to produce. A salad takes only 300 litres.

Voice: A vegetarian diet (or reducing meat consumption or having a non-livestock based diet), you can reduce greenhouse gasses as much as can be done by completely removing transport. In summary, it:
  • Reduces greenhouse gasses (better than a hybrid car);
  • Cheap (saves $$$);
  • Improves health;
  • Reduced Water consumption; and
  • Shows that you are compassionate.
[Vision: Be Green Go Veg, written with fruit and vegetables]Voice: For the sake of our world; Go Veg, Be Green


Rixaeton said...

I need the graphic for the Go Veg, Be Green which is written in vegetables, but I can't remember where I saw it.

alextababa said...

hi rix

shouldn't it be - go veg and cut more ghg than ditching transport altogether?

Rixaeton said...

hi Alextababa,

Hmm... good point. Although with the substitution of veg for meat, the amount of GHG from grain crops will increase a little bit.

I like your idea, and if the message can be made simple, it is a good one.