Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's been a while... and probably will be a while more

Not knowing what to write, I thought I would write this. Ths. Bugger, can't even get that right. *sigh*

Feeling a bit down today, so these statements will seem a bit moody. I was reading the other day a statement by Jeb Bush (Govenor of Florida, if I am not mistaken) where he stated on Climate Change "I am a skeptic and not a scientist..."

Why is it people who are not scientists are more likely to believe others who are also not scientists? It could be because science is difficult. I would not say "hard" as it is really quite easy. I think it is a bit of laziness to say "I am not a scientist but..." and then make inaccurate or otherwise faulty statements or come to poor conclusions without going to the trouble of at least trying to be a scientist. As I said, science is not "hard" as it is a discipline that anyone can achieve. All it takes is reasoning, logic, skepticism (especially about your own conclusions) and research, facts, correlations and drawing hypothesis and conclusions. The first step is to realise that as soon as you say "I am not a scientist..." it is time to do some reading.

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