Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another atheist conference finished, but what now?

Gosh I wish I was more awake now to add something coherent to this (00:50am here *yawn*)

Having seen some of the output of the conferences with issuing declarations of what we want in a modern secular society and it is all very nice having social outings, but what are they (the conferences) actually for?  If the goal is a secular, humane, critical thinking world, free of superstition and unthinking dogma, do these conferences come up with plans and objectives to reach these goals?  New lobby groups or expansion of the existing allied groups such as Humanist societies?  Media outreach and programs to increase awareness that critical thinking is a nice thing for humans to do?

Maybe if I had the time and money, I could attend a gathering to see for myself what they actually achieve, and I hope there is progress.  Although, as a teetotaller with a vegan diet, the I might not get so much out of the parties as other attendees might.  So, what happens next?

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